Friday, September 2

I've gone socky!!!

Well in my endeavours to cut back/ quit smoking, I've been going outside to have a smoke instead of sitting here at the pooter chain-smoking all the time. I bring my sock out with me and I'm getting about 5 or more rows done on it each time! For the second sock of the second pair, I've got about 15 more rows until I start the toe shaping, so with luck, I'll have that done and I'll be able to graft both socks tomorrow when I get home from work and take some pics then. These ones are Jackie's and I did them up with Bernat Sox in Hot Tamale. One ball makes one pair, and these are my first ones ever!!!

It's Derek's payday today and I have a *ton* of running around to do. I'm hoping to hit a different WM {or three!!} to see what yarn they have on clearance. I'd love to get my hands on some more of the RH Casual Cot'n. That's what I made my top out of and I have a few other things I'd like to make out of it. And of course, I can always use more sock yarn! *LOL* The regular price at WM is about $3.24 and it should all be on clearance for $2 a ball. That should keep me socking for quite a while {I'm *not* going to mention the {at least} a dozen balls of it I have in the craft room ATM *teehee*}.

OH WOW!!! While going to grab the link for the pattern for these socks, I found a new pattern on the Bernat site for ones done in worsted weight... YAY!!!! It looks like the pattern is multi-sized, so that means socks for everyone... ohboyohboyohboy!

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