Sunday, September 11

There's something fishy here!

*Definitely* something fishy for sure! I just finished doing up another fish with my size 10 needles. Somehow this one seems to be cupped worse than the others! How in the hell did that happen?

I compared all three sizes of fish and I now know for sure I'm not going to bother with the size 8's anymore. I'm still undecided on whether I will use the 9 or 10. There is a bit of size difference, not much on a single fish, but enough that it would matter in the long run. I'm thinking: "bigger fish means less fish and afghan sooner", but at the same time I think I like the look and feel of the stitches better on the "size 9 fish".

I think I'm gonna grab a bite to eat and then {hopefully} pass out for a few hours. Maybe I'll be able to think better once I wake up... YA RIGHT!!! ROFL

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Sara said...

hope the nap helped!