Saturday, September 17

Oh the trials and tribulations of being afflicted with the designing gene!!!

Well I started one of my design ideas yesterday morning... one of the projects I'd like to submit to Knitty for publication. After frogging it twice, I think I got it going. I *do* need to restart it yet again since I found another problem with the sizing. Sorry I have to be deliberately secretive since they won't consider stuff that has already been announced and such! I was wrong about the deadline.. I thought the next one was Novemeber 1st for the December issue, but it's actually October 1st... EEP!!! With luck I can get it done in less than 2 weeks... that is *if* I can get this project to actually work out the way I want!!! The next issue is warm weather wearables... I can come up with a few for that one, and I think the deadline on that one is Feb. 1st... lots of time!

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