Wednesday, September 14

Why do weekends have to go so fast???

Man oh man... is it really Wednesday already??? It sucks when your weekend goes so freakin' fast. I feel like I haven't really accomplished a heck of a lot either, which feels even worse. I've gotten a bunch of laundry done, and some fish maintenence... that's about it around the house.

I've gotten a school of fish knitted up. I'm not sure whether or not I should be proud of that since that means I've been outside {probably smoking} quite a bit. I will update the sidebar later on with my fish count. I want to get some hot pink yarn at work tomorrow morning, and I'm gonna hunt for some purple yarn in my stash so that I can start sewing a few of these guys together. I've decided to go with a planned colour scheme {yes... changing my mind YET AGAIN!!!} for this project. I'm going to use the vari I bought as the basis for it. Not sure of the colour name ATM, but it's RHSS, a new colour... it's got hot pink, and three shades of purple in it. If you've been in the yarn aisle at WM lately, you can't miss it! LOL! I'm gonna turn it into a bedtopper or even maybe a bedspread for Lissa. Most of the bedroom-type stuff I've been eyeing up at work for her have been in this colour range, so I think it will be cool!

I looked into the newest issue of Knitty... couple interesting patts this time around as usual. I'll be putting a blog button on the sidebar later on for it. Most importantly, I looked into their submission guidelines and joined their submitters group. Wish me luck in this one... it could get me some much-needed exposure.

Oh well... time for a quick smoke and then it's time to fold up a couple loads of these clothes so that the girls can put it away when they get home. I'll be back later probably with my new issues of FCEK&C and Vogue Knitting...

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