Tuesday, September 13

Is there a light at the end of this tunnel???

I've been piddling and farting around here trying to get a few things accomplished and haven't seemed to have made much headway at all. I got Nus' and Nemo's tanks cleaned. I've moved Nemo into the bedroom. I still need to clean Dory's tank and decide where he will be going. I might just put him on my desk after all, but that will require a heavy duty cleaning of the desk first. I've finally got the laundry on the go, now I just need to arrange a place to fold it all that isn't in Derek's way since he's in a cleaning mood, and I'm safer steering clear of him then!

Anyway, here's the promised review of the latest Interweave Knits Crochet mag. It is labelled simply "special issue"... wasn't there one in the spring? Or is my memory going, going, gone?
Erm... I'm *REALLY* dense... I've got the last issue here on my desk. DOH!!! It's the 2004 issue, this one is 2005... so I guess it's gonna be an annual special. Okay, I'll shut the hell up now about my stupidity, I'll just give you my 2¢ {that's Canadian $ btw, so basically worthless with the current exchange rates!!!} on this issue.

Fingerless Gloves: thanks but no thanks.
Hyperbolic Plane: really cool idea, but nothing that I would ever need {or want!} to make.
Milan Dress: I can see this becoming a WIM. It's done in a WW wool/rayon, but I'm sure I could find something more suitable {translation: cheaper!!}.
Fever Tank: a way-too-cool halter tank... too bad I don't have the courage to try and wear something like this... no matter *how* much I have to drink on Monday nights!
Felted Folk Rug & Chair Pad: I'm sorry, but this felting fad just doesn't turn my crank... besides, I can't see me walking all over something I paid wool prices on.
Go-go Granny Bag: this bag can go-go outta here! I'm not really a granny square fan since they seem too stereo-typical. This bag is different, but I'm still getting childhood flashbacks with this one... too close to the 70s for me!
Zig-zag Skirt: this one is *really* close to being a WIM!!! The pattern calls for baby/fingering {#1 using those new yarn scales} weight which I only have in baby colours. It sits on the hips {which I *will* wear if my tank top can tuck in enough to cover the stretchmarks! *ROFL*}, but could easily be altered to make it higher on the waist, or out of a thicker yarn. Hmm... I wonder if a couple strands of crochet cotton would equal the fingering...
Fifth Avenue Jacket: a semi-tailored jacket. Designed by Lily Chin, it reminds me of the Chanel style... sorry, not my cup of tea. I can't see me *EVER* wearing something *that* conservative...
Shell Stitch Hat: a hat made from raffia??? This hat reminds me of the newborn hats I make, which are nice in their own right, but would I want to wear one??? especially out of this stuff??? No thanks, makes me think that someone squashed a berry on my head or sumlike.
Two-tone Bag: kinda neat... but I have no use for a bag that can carry my two youngest children... and one that takes up like 8 balls of yarn to boot... EEP!!!
Easygoing Hoodie: this one is another defo WIM. It's shown in a cotton/microfibre blend, so I wouldn't be able to use dishcloth cotton or regular acrylic for it. I'll have to find a suitable substitute since I really like this one.
Hemp Flowers Necklace: I've never been one for crocheted necklaces and the like, and this one is no different. If you are into it, this one is a bit different than usual... but you can keep it! LOL
Prism Shawl: nope, nope, nope!!! It's definitely a quick project, but not one for me! It's lacy and bulky at the same time, so it makes me think of that stereo-typical crap again, while not really being useful. The "dingle ball" trim can go too... can you say 70's Chevy Shaggin' Wagon???
Textured Tweed Clutch: umm... okay... a nice idea, but nothing I would want to take my time to make. I *could* take the basic style and turn it into something I do like... but it would be much easier to simply design exactly what I want!
Flowered Tea Cozy: kinda cute if you're into the Gramma's kitchen type of flowery look. My kitchen isn't flowered anymore so all those ends would NOT be worth the effort by any means!
Pirate's Jacket: all I have to say is this: WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??? nuff said...
Toddler Poncho: yet another one of the bazillions of poncho patterns I've seen recently. I've seen tons better, even on freebie sheets, so I'll do on eof those if I'm gonna bother.
South of the Border Jacket: another tailored one... not my cup of tea...
Striped Scarf and Headband: a quickie project, but not one I'll be bothering with. If I had a daughter in high school, I could see me making these up by the dozens tho!
Retro Car Coat: drive this one back... PLEASE!!! Some retro is cool, some isn't... I'm putting this with the "isn't".
Extreme Earflap Hats: now these are something that I'd bother actually buying wool and trying to felt it for... too bad none of my kids would be caught dead in anything like this!
Oversize Pullover: hmm... I dunno... I mean I REALLY dunno about this one. It's nice, it's different, it's done with relatively normal fancy yarn {Paton's Divine}... but would I actually want to make one??? I dunno!
Colorwaves Pullover: this one's so plain and simple that you'd think I'd give it a miss... well you're wrong!!! I want to head to Michael's to price out this yarn since we don't have it at work! It caught my eye, and it would defo be a quick to make project for me... a weekend mebbe tops!
Flare Essesence Poncho: very, very few ponchos catch my eye, and this one's no different... if I'm gonna spend the money on a bunch of novelty yarn, I'll find something that I really like.
Ruffle Scarf {cover project}: a neat way to treat yourself to some fancy snob yarn {only two balls}... but nuttin I would use.
There's a couple interesting articles, including one on figuring out symbol crochet {I would LOVE to get my hands on that computer program for charting!!!}. Overall, not bad, maybe even better than last years... but the $10 CAN cover price makes it a treat buy, not a everyday magazine IMO.

Oh well... my dryer is buzzing at me like crazy {so much for a quick smoke break!}. I'll take a quick peek at last year's issue and give a contrast on that later... TTFN

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