Wednesday, September 7

Fishy Dishy to Keep My Mind Off of Sick Fishy... =o(

Well Nemo isn't doing too good today. I noticed that his tank had a *very* bad case of algae growth. I changed half of his water last night and put on the air pump. He can't stand the movement in the water, but it needs the circulation right now. He doesn't seem to be swimming right, and I think his face is whiter than usual. It's pretty silvery, so I'm going to try and not worry about that right now. At least his back is 100% healed up, and he absolutely loves the bell cave I bought him to use instead of the one that scraped his back to begin with. He still comes to greet me whenever he sees me, so that's a good sign too. The other two fish are doing quite well. Dory is going nuts swimming laps {as usual!}, and Nus still plays hide-and-seek with everybody. He will come out and look at me sometimes, and he won't always wait until I've put the lid back on his aquarium before he comes out from his plant to eat the food I've given him!

I started a granny's fave cloth on Monday out of some really cool {and BRIGHT!!!} cotton I had picked up in the spring. This particular colour is a vari of lime green, electric blue and yellow. Sure cheers up a dreary job! I finished off that cloth earlier today and decided to make a fishy dishy out of it too... in honour of Nemo.

I finished the second sock for Rebecca on Sunday and cast on the stitches to finally make me a pair. Unfortunately, I kept procrastinating and I didn't get the toes grafted in time for the girls to wear their new socks for the first day of school today. That's okay, because I went out with my friends on Monday night to play pool, and Derek and I went out last night to play pool and had a blast.

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