Friday, September 9

Does the word "DUH?!?" mean anything to you???

Sheesh, sometimes I'm so dense I could rent myself out as uranium or sumlike! I was just taking a quick peek through my posts here and looked at the one I wrote YESTERDAY morning. It said that I didn't have any WW acrylic yarn at my desk. So that means that I started it YESTERDAY, not Wednesday! Although that's not too bad... 3 fish in about a day! Hmm... now if I could only limit myself to 3 candy fish in a day. Heck, who am I trying to fool??? I can't even limit myself to 3 HANDFULS!!!! *rofl*

Okay... I better get some rest before work! *UGH!*


Sara said...

are you talking about those really cool swedish fish...those candy fish? yummmm.

Nicole said...

I think so... they're red and like ju-jubes, but much better! I get them in a one pound tub {or something like that} from work and all the label says is "candy fish".