Friday, September 2

Our latest additions!!!

Sheesh... what kind of fishy mom am I anyway? I haven't posted pics of my bettas, better known as Siamese fighting fish, yet! Anyway... here goes!
DoryThis one is Dory, our first betta. He likes his little tank and swims laps incessantly! He also doesn't like Derek very much, as he tends to "show" whenever Derek looks at him! He is actually the freindliest of our fish, and the kids just love him. It's sooo sweet to see Lissa go running into our room and call "fishy, fishy, door-wee, door-wee".
NemoThis one is Nemo. He is also pretty active... to the point that he's gone and scraped his back up pretty badly. He was swimming in and out of his cave, and got his back pretty good. I got Nemo when Derek decided that he had to have a fish... since I was having so much fun with Dory! Thank heavens for Buy One, Get One deals at the fish store! All Nemo cost us was the tank... the toys... the food... hmmm... not quite so free after all! *LOL*
NusNext there's Nus... he's Derek's fish. He lives up to his name {Nus means wolf} by being a loner and and very wary of everyone. He's starting to get used to me, and will even come out of his plant to eat when I'm standing there!
Dory is the only one of the three that will eat flaked food, and none of them will eat the pellets. We finally got the other two eating bloodworms, and of course Dory goes nuts for those too! While out hunting for some complete food that they all liked, I found a really neat fish store that breeds bettas. Some of the colours they had there were simply stunning, as well as ones with fringed tails. I can see a Marlin and a Bruce coming home soon! *ROFL*

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