Tuesday, September 13

Do I *really* have to do housework today?

I guess I'm gonna have to get off my duff and actually get some stuff done around here today! I did go out last night, so I got my usual "didn't get enough sleep" headache. And of course I'm being too bloody lazy to grab some Tylenol.

Ahh... much better! I went and got a fresh coffee and popped a couple pills. Hopefully they will kick in soon! Once I'm done this entry, I'll go have a quick smoke and then I *HAVE* to get some work done! Derek spent yesterday morning finding the kitchen... I *still* don't recognize it as part of my house!

I have to get laundry done today, and I want to get some work done in my bedroom. Derek wants Nemo's tank off of the kitchen counter, so I am going to put him on the nightstand where Dory is right now. Of course that means that I need to clean the nightstand and all that first, and where in the heck am I gonna put Dory? I would love to have him here on my desk {which was my first intent with fishies way back in March or whenever it was}, but the desk is way to wobbly for his little tank. I know for a fact that he would get dumped out within a week {if that!} and it would end up all over my computer and no Dory and all that horrible stuff.

More later... including my review of the newest issue of Interweave Knits Crochet!

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