Thursday, September 15

Just when you think you've reached the zenith of human stupidity...

...along comes a Wal-Mart assistant manager and raises the level for everyone!!! *ROFL*

I can't give any names or anything{at least not in print!}, but my AM last night was the biggest dipshit of all time! For those of you that don't know, I'm an overnight stocking associate for one of the local Wal-Marts here in town, and I have difficulty dealing with both my AMs... too bad they weren't "human" like my support manager is!! Anyway, like in any place, night shift is when the major work goes on in the store. Shelves are stocked, merchandise of all kinds is received, store is thoroughly cleaned.... yada, yada, yada.

At work, the overnight maintenence crew usually has some bone to pick with the staff... coffee spilled on the floors, pallet jacks moved over freshly washed aisles... you get the idea. Nothing too extravagant or uncalled for at all but difficult to accomodate everything since things *DO* have to be moved and all. The latest beef that the cleaning crew has had is the scratching of the floors. Mainly it is caused by people not taking enough care when moving pallets and such. The guys spend a lot of time waxing and buffing the floors and such, and some of the staff can't be bothered to take an extra second or two to make sure that the floors aren't damaged when moving something. Common sense and common courtesy are in very short supply on my shift as you can see.

Every night at the beginning of our shift, we have our "morning" meeting where we are informed of all the stuff that Wal-Mart wants us to know about. These meetings are usually given by one of our AMs... or the support mgr. if there isn't an AM on shift that night. So the AMs are the ones that tell us to use a pallet jack to move store fixtures {4-ways}, and get help to stack empty pallets rather than dragging them. Well what does the daft idiot {herein known as Gonzo} do last night???? Not only has a store fixture moved without a jack... but enlists several associates to do it... and not just a 4-way either... it was a 28-foot section of shelving {that's 7 sections together as one, plus endcaps!}... all the way across the seasonal section of the store and into the action alley.... SCREEEEEEEEEEEECH!!! I *swear* that floor was not only scratched in the relatively fresh wax {within the last 2 weeks}, but the tile beneath HAS to be gouged. I would have loved to see the store manager's face when he saw that this morning... AND when he found out who authorized the fixture move and such.

As if that wasn't the bone-headed move of the year... it gets better still. Usually after last coffee break the focus for the back-room stock associates is to clear the sales floor of skids. There is usually a certain way that stock is brought back so that it can be accessed if needed during the day {in the case of foods and other consumables}, left in the back for the following night or two {in the case of overstock} to reduce wasted time bringing out a skid that won't have anything on it that we need for the shelves, or skids that need to be brought out the following night {ones that weren't worked that night}.

The other AM knew that we were all clearing the foods area first {always our first priority}, and gave us instructions as to which other type of item was to go in which aisle in the back. Firstly, there was *WAY* too many skids of foods on the floor {which "Gonzo" had told the unloaders and the support manager to pull} since out of well over 30 skids, less than 6 were cleared. By about 6 am, we had less than ten foods skids pulled back, let alone anything else in the store. Gonzo tells one of my co-workers to start pulling back fabrics because there are 19 skids in there to come back... first of all, what the hell were they thinking putting out that many of skids in the first place {that area is about 6-8 max and usually 4}? and secondly... FOODS COMES BACK FIRST. My co-worker told Gonzo that there is still like 30 skids of foods on the floor... and continues on with what he was doing. Gonzo decides that fabrics has to come back NOW, and starts doing it himself. After Gonzo was told which type of item was to go in which aisle, puts all 19 of the fabrics skids {which need to come out tonight} in the aisle with the stuff that's not supposed to come out for at least 2 nights... WHAT A DIPSHIT!!!

What's really scary is that these aren't the only examples of this person's lack of intelligence of any kind... just another typical night I'm afraid! At least when it comes to this particular AM, it's not just me that's going nuts and pulling my hair out {like I do with the other AM}, but the entire shift just about! Oh well... I've had my giggle and my vent... back to your regularly scheduled blog entry... I've got a "something" I need to design to try and get published in knitty!!!

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