Monday, April 2

April Fools!!!

Well I was the butt of several April Fool's jokes, and none of them were intentional... or at least not caused by another person!

Firstly it rained nearly all night Saturday/ Sunday... but what did I see as I went out to my car after work??? SNOW!!! I was *not* amused at Mother Nature's joke... especially as it got progressively worse as the morning continued.

I wasn't able to get pictures of that, or any of my recent FOs due to the next of the cruel jokes played on me... the batteries for my camera don't work! Derek wasn't even able to get any pictures {except on his cell phone} of Lightning McQueen Saturday night from "The World of Wheels" exhibit that he had to work. I'm not sure if it's the batteries, or the charger... but I have no batteries in the meantime.

On the bright side, I grafted the toe of Old Shale #2, so that adds another 210 m to the total. I started a sock for Lissa, that was finished today, and I cast on the second sock for that. I'll be writing up the pattern I came up with for it, and offering it as a freebie. Derek's tiger sock #1 is around the 4 inch mark, just from at work knitting. In even better news, Lyz says that I/ we get to cast on "Lacy Scallops" tomorrow!!!

1 comment:

Lyz said...

YAY!! *insert cheering smiley dude here*
I also have fo's for a change *insert snickering smiley dude here* Mebbe we need to do knitalongs for other things like sweaters? *insert ROFL smiley dude here*
btw I am grafting toe of field of flowers then casting on Lacy Scallops