Monday, April 23

Out with the old, and in with the new...

Well at some point in time tonight I will be grafting Derek's Tiger #2... That will mean an additional 420 m added to my marathon total. *YAY!!!* I checked my blog archive and I cast them on March 29th... that makes it 4 weeks tomorrow. Not too bad for a pair of socks that were mostly knit at work on breaks {conveniently *trying* to forget the 4½ hours of knitting time in the ER!}. I'm guesstimating them at about 12 hours each sock.

Right after those are grafted and ends woven in, I'll be casting on my cotton sock surprise yarn from my benefactor. I'll be using my generic stockinette pattern again or else a mild ribbed pattern to account for the lack of memory in the cotton. I want then to go FAST, so I'm *really* leaning towards plain stockinette! That will be another 380 m to my total. I'm hoping to be able to beat the 4 weeks that it took for Derek's... we shall soon see!

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