Wednesday, April 18

Little Shells Revealed

Please forgive the REALLY crappy resolution on these shots. I'm still trying to find the right settings that won't make Blogger crap out on me for pictures.

Here they are at long last! It was a surprisingly quick knit for me. Although you can't tell in this photo, the only difference between the socks is about 2 rounds of colour at the toe.

This pic shows how evenly matched the yarns were... even at the heel turn. I'm so tickled about this!

Here's a side view of the pair. This one actually shows the slight differences in the toe. I can't be more pleased with how matched these two were.

For those that are interested, the pattern is Little Shells, and the yarn is Fortissima Socka Colori. I don't have the label in front of me for the colour number though. Even though I don't have a shot of it, the shell pattern actually does show up with the self-patterning yarn, albeit subtly... you'll have to take my word for it!

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ashley said...

Lovely! I love the self striping yarn. :-D