Wednesday, April 11

How long does it take...

to get something removed out of your 4 year old's ear at the ER?

Derek's Tiger Sock <-- This is how long!!! Since I usually count rows, it's worked out that I knit over half of the foot while waiting, and if this would have been a sock for me, I would have been hunting up a suture tray for scissors and a needle!!!

For those of you wondering what was in Alex's ear, it was a styrofoam "bean" from a bean bag chair... we had originally thought that it was the end of a Q-tip. The fact that it was a round piece of styrofoam explains why our attempts to remove it at home failed. They had to use suction to get it out, and Alex thought it was hilarious that they had to use a vacuum cleaner on his ear!!! While the night was long, boring, and seriously butt-killing, at least we've managed to get him to one week shy of his 5th birthday before his first ER trip!

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