Sunday, April 22

Another day, another sock!

Well I've decided to continue on profiling some of my recent sock FOs even though most of the pictures aren't up to par, and I haven't taken "in use" pics yet either. Today I'm going to show you Derek's Columbine socks. I knit them using wine Regia Silk, and the pattern is from Cat Bordhi's Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles.

Finished sock
This is the completed pair of socks. I didn't need to adjust the pattern to fit other than foot length, and used 2.5 mm dpns. I also changed the heel to an eye of partridge heel as I feel this is a better wearing heel than the typical slip stitch heel flap. I had already tried the 2 circs method on my "Pippi" socks, and decided that it wasn't for me, which is why I used the dpns. The silk is absolutely dreamy to knit with, and I can't wait for my next opportunity to use this yarn.

Close-up of leg pattern
Here is a close-up of the leg pattern. You can see that it gives a bit of interest to the leg without being overly lacy or "girly".

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Lyz said...

AWESOME SOCKS! your hubby is a lucky man. My husby says... "they are just like my grey socks!" There's a man that knows his sock patterns!ROFL.
Another FO for you Nicole. Keep it up. YAY!