Wednesday, April 11


Well here is the pictorial of what I've been doing with the mitred squares.

First square
This is the first square. I've semi-blocked it with my dpns since the stockinette curls so much.

2 squares
Here are two squares from what will eventually be the edge of my project. I am blaming part of the curling on the crochet cast-on.

3rd square stitches picked up
Here I've picked up the stitches for the first square in the second tier of squares. I've increased on the first {purl} row to get myself back up to the 41 stitches I need.

3 squares
Here's the first three squares complete. Lots of ends everywhere to deal with, but that's minor {so far} if this whole thing works out!

This is how it's working out so far... it's definitely a work/ design *in* progress. Many thanks to "CW" {you know who you are!} for pointing out the obvious to me and solving my dilemma. I'll give you proper credit again later once your web site is functional.

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