Tuesday, April 3


I *just* finished off the ends on Lissa's socks! She's the proud owner of her first pair of hand-knits. The yarn is a "Rainbow Brite" inspired bright myriad of colour, and the little princess is thrilled to have them on her feet. I haven't measured the leftovers in the ball of yarn yet -- I'm going to get Derek to weigh it at work tomorrow -- but I'm guessing about half the ball, and that's what I'm adding to the total, 93 metres.

Now that I have those out of the way, I can cast on my "Lacy Scallops" guilt-free. I also worked on Derek's tiger socks today a bit, and I've got over 4 inches of stockinette for the leg... I have a feeling that I will need to do the heel turn tomorrow before work!

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Brian Roberts said...

Rainbow Brite!!! you are showing your age there Nic (runs for the hills)