Thursday, April 26

No pics, but a bit of knitting...

Well a goodly chunk of yesterday was spent fixing my design-in-progress. I had frogged back one needle about 10 rows. Once I got all that knitted up, I realized that I had followed the wrong chart for that needle. *cries* On the sortof plus side, the opposite side of the sock also had an error at the start of the chart, so I need to get up the courage to frog back *that* needle and correct the errors. Since I was so discouraged, I ended up not taking any sock pics even though I was outside enjoying our nice weather. I did a little bit of knitting at the dentist's office, but as usual, the epinephrine in the freezing affected me to the point where I could barely hold my needles.

Status reports: My benefactor sock is trucking along. I'll be starting the heel of that tonight at work. My generic DK sock is now on the heel flap. My Lacy Scallops are still on hold while I wait for my dpn finger callous to heal up.

I'm working on cleaning up the area around my desk so that I can get some pattern writing work done. The programs I use for writing and publishing my patterns are all on my computer, not on Derek's, which I normally use. I want to get my various generic patterns up as freebies. I have one paid sock pattern that's ready for sale as soon as I write and publish it. I also have three other socks in progress. I'll be looking for pattern testers soon. Since I have a ton of designs in mind, I'm looking into writing up a web page to solicit test knitters and crocheters so that I can get my web site seriouslyupdated... stay tuned for this.

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