Friday, April 27


Well my benefactor sock is flying off of my needles! I was at about the 4 inch mark when I got home from work Thursday morning... pretty amazing for a sock that I had just cast on Tuesday morning as my travelling/ work sock!

The wonders will never cease with this project. I got about an inch and a half knitted at home yesterday because another blob of yarn decided to eject itself from the ball. I was within 10 rows of the heel when I left for work Thursday night. The powers that be decided that I was to be on babysitting duty at the loss prevention office and I got well over 3 hours total of knitting time in at work. The benefactor sock #1 now has a heel flap, the heel turned, and about 1½ inches of gusset decreases done. I would have had the sock done if the police would have taken all night to show up like myself and the loss prevention officer were expecting.

I have visions of casting on benefactor #2 on my weekend... I'm really gonna blast away how long it took me to do the tiger socks with these ones... I just don't want another hospital stretch with these ones like I did with the tigers!!!

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