Tuesday, April 24

HOLY CRAP!!! 10 already?!?!

I nearly fell over this morning when I went to update my sidebars and realized that Derek's tiger socks were my TENTH... you read it correctly, yes TEN!!! pair of socks finished THIS YEAR!!!! I'm *still* stunned. Now that you've all fallen over from the shock, and you're still on the floor I can tell you this... it's been over TWO MONTHS since I've bought yarn {not including the single small ball of dishcloth cotton for St. Patty's}. It was mid-February the last time I was at Ram's, and let me tell you, the withdrawal is hitting really hard.

I haven't taken pics yet, but I will before I go to the dentist work tomorrow. I kept myself otherwise busy today. My benefactor yarn was cast on, and this particular ball of yarn decided to disembowel itself a *lot* more than usual. That required the entire morning and a good chunk of the afternoon spent knitting it up so that it can be my "work" sock. I am now the proud owner of three inches of *very* cushy cotton blend sock! Thanks again benefactor!! *hugs* You'll see it tomorrow, 'kay? BTW, this stuff feels soooo wonderful it's making my yarn diet nearly impossible!

After I knitted up the cotton yarn barf, I frogged and reknitted the ribbing on the Regia, since I had screwed it up the first time... damned 1x1 ribbing! I'm at 1½ inches right now, and that uses up all of the frogged yarn *and* leftover yarn barf out of that ball. I'm gonna go a full 2 inches of ribbing on this one since I'm using only a 1x1 rib. It's going to become my newest design, but I won't be showcasing it here until I decide if I'm going to submit it for publication, or sell it myself. Since it's a patterned sock, it will be my pooter sock for whenever my finger hole isn't healed enough to work on Lacy Scallops with those deadly Inox dpns!

Thanks to Sarkasmo, I found a neat looking dishcloth pattern that I want to try. I haven't done any entrelac {I think, unless what I'm doing with my afghan/shawl is actually entrelac!} so this should be interesting! Wish me luck!

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Brian Roberts said...

10 pairs!!!!! Holy cow!! And a very big well done to you.