Thursday, April 12

Lissa, the princess...

Now for your viewing pleasure, I have some pics of Lissa:

Lissa the Princess
Here's the princess all ready for the kid's Christmas party back in December... gotta *LOVE* those red ruby slippers!!!

Alex & Lissa
Believe it or not, these two actually *do* love each other and this hug isn't *just* for the camera!

Lissa wearing Lissa
Lissa the princess is showing off Lissa the socks. I can't believe it took me this long to get some made for her, especially since she loves them so much!

1 comment:

Brian Roberts said...

Awwww aint she just the cutest, Alex looks like butter wouldnt melt in his mouth in that pic shame we know different hey babes? As for the Lissa socks as modelled by said princess to cool for words :).