Thursday, March 29

Two pair in two days!!!

And that makes the third FO pair this week {three pairs in four days for those of you who are counting}!!! I grafted the toe and wove in the ends on Derek's Columbine #2. That adds 400 metres to my total.

Once the kids find my camera batteries I'll be able to take pics of all these recent socks. I cast on the tigery jacquard for Derek and started the ribbing. I'll be making a generic pair of socks out of this to make best use of the patterning of the yarn. Once done, this pair will add 420 metres!!!

Now I can concentrate on my Old Shale for a few days. With luck I'll get these done in the next couple of days, and that will make this a FIVE pair month!!! HOLY CRAP!!!

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Lyz said...

YAY! Nic! Way to go! U ROCK!