Thursday, March 22

Damnit Lyz! I hope you're happy now!!!

Well your sock knitting curse has now officially hit me! In more than the time that it took me to get EIGHT repeats done yesterday, I've managed to only have a net increase of 3 repeats today. First I had to frog back one needle 5 rows to fix a missing yo... then I discovered another missing yo and fixed that as well... but that yo ended up being the size that you could easily poke a pencil through, and of course that wasn't noticeable until I had knit all five rows back up the one needle. So I decided to go ahead and frog it all back to prior to the pattern repeat that was causing me all the trouble. Now, each and every pattern row since, {luckily not every freakin' NEEDLE since} I have had at least one screw up of some sort that has required tinking back at least a few stitches, if not a whole needle.

LYZ!!! I'M BEGGING YOU!!! If you have any soul left at all {after you-know-who has sucked every last bit of life out of you}, can you PLEASE take your bad knitting ju-ju back??? I'm afraid of this carrying on into my FA socks, and I really want to enjoy knitting with that, not curse every damned stitch!

For those of you that aren't Lyz, and therefore have no freakin' clue what I'm hollering at her for, here's my RDCV progress report: Derek's Columbine #2 is over half-way through the gusset decreases. I'm hoping to have the gusset done or nearly tonight at work. Little Shells #2 is just past pattern repeat #11 of 16. I couldn't take pictures of my SDIPs because all of the AA batteries in this house are deader than my car in -40°C weather. That means that I couldn't do any frogging to recover yarn and dpns. As a side note, I can't find one of them anyway, but if I do save one of the pairs, that's the one that it would be. Batteries are now charging, so I can take the pics {but no promises of uploading!!!} tomorrow.

In other news, that "new" Eco-Fil stuff you may have spotted at your local WM is now on clearance at most if not all Canadian stores. At $4 a ball before, it was a good deal. Now it's between $2-$2.75 here in town which is an absolute steal. And as is typical with a lot of the newly released yarns at work, you don't find a pattern to use with the stuff until AFTER it's gone on clearance!!! I *did* find a cute little top pattern that calls for 2 balls, and Jackie has given the okay on a top made out of the blue tweed I bought for my shopping bag. Even if she hates it, it's gonna be less than $6 for a top! I'll make it bigger anyway, so she can wear a t-shirt underneath if it's itchy on the skin. I'll let you all know how it works out.

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Lyz said...

WOW! I didn't know I have *the power* ROFL! No u don't have the bad knitting JuJu. No knitted Nicole dolls here that I am sticking pins in either. The 'guilty' person herself has the bad JuJu since she found that knot and the yard long stretch of totally wrong blue colour in her Austermann Step yarn. On the good note though it looks as though she will get a free ball of yarn from them. Bad note, I am the one to fix and re-match the colour reps for her....
Hang in there if that's all the booboos u made through the whole two socks then u r still doin' good :)
btw... I didn't get to turn my heel yesterday :(