Friday, March 23

Scattered thoughts...

All kinds of things running through my mind and my needles today. I'm on repeat #14 of 16 for Little Shells #2. 1 or 2 more gusset decreases to do on Columbine #2. I've started a new super-secret project... this one needs to be done by the end of April. It's a fairly involved project, and I can only work on it when I'm alone... wish me luck.

In non-knitterly news, I got my income tax assessment in the mail today. This means my 2006 tax return has now been processed. They gave me an extra deduction of some sort, which means an extra federal non-refundable tax credit in my favour... not a great amount by any means, but as those of you in the know about my tax situation know all too well, that anything in my favour is DEFINITELY for the good.

I happy and bummed out at the same time for everyone that got to "Represent" with Steph et al yesterday... I can't even afford a trip to Ram's to cheer myself up with.

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