Thursday, March 15

I only do what the yarn voices tell me

Well today I had two balls of yarn talking to me... they wanted to come home with me and become new dishcloths for my kitchen. The first one I noticed was a cheery yellow mix, and it said "SPRING!!". The second one was more subtle. It was a white, beige, and mint mix, and once I noticed it, it screamed "St. Patrick's Day dishcloth" to me. Well since St. Patty's Day is in 2 days, I decided to listen to that one. Besides, after +1°C temps on Monday, it was -14°C on my way home this morning... that doesn't bode well for spring at all.

I tried to find a pattern that the yarn wanted to be, and couldn't find one online. Then I decided to design my own. That didn't pan out either. I'm gonna go frog what I've done so far and make a good ol' Granny's Favourite... *sigh* At least I'll have something clean to wash my dishes with tomorrow morning!

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Lyz said...

Can't go wrong with Grandmother's Favourite! I just made me 3 new cloths too, though they are still waiting for their ends to be sewn in. You go girl! Spring is springing no matter the temp outside.