Tuesday, March 20

I ain't got no stinkin' SSS!!!

Nope, second sock syndrome does *not* reside in the Rodgers' household!!! It just *seems* like it does since I usually have so many pairs of socks on the go. Right now it has worked out that I have several pairs completed or very near completion. I'm expecting to have 4 FO pairs this month, and that will help my L&V Sock Marathon goal greatly.

Like I said earlier, Jackie's socks {which were started early last summer} are finally complete. I haven't written up the final draft of the pattern yet, but all things in good time! Little Shells #1 was finished knitting on Saturday, and I grafted the toe when I got home from work on Sunday morning. Then I finished the ribbing and did the first few rows of Derek's Columbine #2 before going to bed. On Monday, I finished the leg of his sock and started on the heel. Tuesday morning I finished the heel and picked up the gusset stitches. It's now ready and waiting to be my new "work-on-at-work" sock. After that I cast on Little Shells #2, and started the ribbing. I finished the ribbing at my SnB, and after comparing it to #1, they are very much looking identical. Rebecca's socks will be finished Wednesday morning, since I didn't feel like adding in the new ball of yarn at SnB. I was a few rows into the toe when I ran out of yarn, so it will be a fast finisher.

Lyz and I have decided on our next mini-KAL project, Lacy Scallops from SockBug's blog. I will be using my Fleece Artist sock yarn that I bought myself as my promotion present. I'm really enjoying doing this with her, since it's driving me to get the pair done quickly. Strangely enough, this apparent speed has carried over into my other projects as well. Derek has also chosen the yarn for his next pair of socks. I was half-hoping that he wouldn't find anything in my stash that he wanted, as I love working with the Regia Silk for him, and the Silk Shine is on sale at Ram's right now. He chose some Confetti that I bought last summer at Leona's in a tiger-like jacquard. Since the yarn is self-patterning, it only requires the most basic of sock patterns. I will be able to use the entire project as my "work-on-at-work" sock. As an added bonus, I'll finally get to try it out... I *did* buy it to actually knit with, ya know!!!

Note: I apologize for the lack of links in this post... I *had* linked all the pertinent information, but my browser crashed entirely before I had a chance to save it... I decided not to take a chance in the rewrite! If you want/ need the links, leave me a comment, and I will edit the post to put them in.

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