Wednesday, March 28

The agony and the ecstasy.

Well yesterday didn't provide me with any completed socks, but it was a success nonetheless. I found a bunch of stuff in my cryo lab. The biggest triumph was locating the missing sock yarn bin. *YAY* I can now properly tally up my stash for the marathon! I also found a bunch of nearly-FOs, and a bunch of dishcloths that need their ends woven in.

I'm on the heel turn of the Old Shale, and I'll be finishing off Rebecca's sock as soon as I've got the gusset picked up on those.

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Lyz said...

Now aren't you just SOOOOO happy I insisted on finishing the two pair of 'for me' socks I have on my needles before proceeding with Lacy Scallops? I so NEED socks to wear! I only have one pair of homemade socks that are mine now!
Way to go on your FO'ing. Old Shale needs the attention.
Keep going u r gonna be a new woman soon :)