Wednesday, March 21

Just to upset Lyz!!!

Well I'm getting ready to go to bed here, and I've got 8 repeats out of 16 for the leg done on Little Shells #2. The wool for the Lacy Scallops has been wound into a ball, and the pattern printed... all ready for starting as soon as Little Shells are done... sometime this work week I expect. Derek's Columbine socks are all ready for their back and forth action as my work socks, and since it's all gusset, and then plain stockinette, I'm not expecting these to take very long either.

Tomorrow my plan is to photograph my two designs in progress, and decide if I'm going to finish the socks on the needles, or frog back the yarn. That might free up my 2.5 mm bamboos for the Lacy Scallops. I also need to rush home tomorrow morning as I want to try and catch the Today Show. It starts at 7, and the earliest I can get home is 7:30ish... "It's a purl, man" and others will be outside the NBC studios tomorrow morning for the start of Stephanie's "Represent" plan!

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