Tuesday, March 13

No! No black hole for you!!!

Well, I'm really liking the Little Shells sock that Lyz and I chose for our mini-KAL. I'm using Fortissima Socka in a rainbow-like jaqcuard. I just started these a few days ago and I'm now trying to decide when to make my heel. Most of my socks have a leg in the 5½ to 7 inch range, and this one is now at the 6 inch mark. I often get into the black hole of knitting with my socks, where I knit and knit and knit, and don't get anywhere. Not this time. I think I'll take these to 7 inches before I go to bed and turn the heel tomorrow.

I finally finished Jackie's socks last night. I guess I'll have to get the pattern finalized for that, and pictures taken of the design... those socks had deadly black holes that I never thought that I would knit my way out of.

Now that Jackie's socks are done, Rebecca's socks have been bumped up to "work sock" status. Hopefully these will be done shortly as well, as I have just finished the gusset decreases for the second sock.

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Lyz said...

YAY! Black holes were meant to be conquered! As for blogworthyness.. it's all blogworthy :) doncha know! that's what we knitters (and crocheters) live for! sharing with the comunity out there in blog land. Hang in there Nic. I have seen your Little Shells socks and they are awesome. (so are mine) Thanks for forcing me to make these socks. Huggs to ya.