Monday, March 26


Little Shells sock made it to the end of the heel turn on Saturday before I went to bed. I picked up the gusset stitches and started going to town on the foot. I got to just over 40 rows before I decided that I *had* to get to sleep. I'm expecting to finish those today. That will add 420 metres to my marathon total.

After that I want to put the toe on Rebecca's sock, as I *still* haven't gotten around to finishing that up. That will add 150 metres.

Derek's socks are just shy of 40 rows on the foot, so nearly half done. I am hoping to finish those on my weekend as well. That's another 400 m to add to my tally.

I will be starting my Lacy Scallops as soon as the Little Shells are done, and I will be starting a generic stockinette sock for Derek out of the tigery-jacquard once his Columbine socks are done.

More later, as I'm busy blog-stalking Stephanie... I *so* need to find out what all happened on Thursday and beyond!!!

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