Thursday, December 1

Found the camera cord!

Well the camera cord has been found. YAY! now I can post the pictures I took yesterday of the Skacel sweater sleeve and Derek's {now-frogged} sock. Hover your mouse over the pictures for a description of the yarn and needles used. You can also click the pictures to see the full-sized size version of the images.

Bernat Hot Sox 'Army Hot' on 3.25 mm dpns. Here you can see how nice and neat the ribbing stitches are thanks to the trick I learned from Nona's blog. I'll have to find that link again and post it for everyone. Basically, I call it purling backwards, but it's actually a take on a twisted purl. I think it gives a real professional finish to the ribbing. You can also see how the striping decided to spiral around the sock. *Definitely* not the look I was going for! Not bad for one afternoon's work though, I must say! Whaddayathink?

2 strands Sirdar Denim Chunky in Cream and Denim on 12.75 mm needles.Here's the sleeve swatch from the Skacel Sweater Ad. I think that holding two yarns together has given it a much more random look in the variations than if I had used just a normal marl or varigated yarn. Don't you agree? Now that I've finally gotten the gauge to a liveable comparision to what's in the pattern, I will be able to fly on this once the holidays are over. I am just thrilled with how this is turning out. The finished effect will be very similar to the one in the ad, and much softer too due to the fibre content of the yarn. This took me about 2-3 days to get done, if that. I'm always working on so much at once, it's hard to tell how long *ONE* thing takes me!

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