Wednesday, December 14

"Monday" morning ramblings...

Yes, Monday!!! My weekend is over and I work tonight... that makes it Monday to me. *BLEH* At least I've got socks to work on at my breaks to keep me out of trouble -- YA RIGHT!!!
Man, have I got a lot to do on here! I know that my sidebar is in serious need of some attention. I haven't really updated it since the middle of November! *screams* I have a few FOs to report, and links and such to weed through. I want to streamline it a bit more, and add the neato status bars I got from "some" site... I'll link that when I do the update! I'm thinking more and more about the UFO situation, and by New Year's I may have an exciting announcement to make. I won't spill it all since I haven't completely decided yet, but if I go ahead, it will help us all get a few of those dealt with -- be it by frogging or stitching.
I'm sitting here waiting for my hands to uncramp so I can get some more work done on the evening bag. It's turning out quite nicely, if I do say so myself. I've got a pattern for the body of it that I'm pleased with, and now it's just a matter of repeating it until it's the size I want. I still need to decide on what type of drawstring/ handle I'm going to make. I've set up the stitching to make it easy to do the beadwork last. I know how I'm going to attach it and such, but don't know exactly how or what I'm going to do.
Well I guess I'll go peruse KH for a bit until I can get back to work here... more later!

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