Tuesday, December 27

I did a Kitchener seam... YEAH!

Well I downloaded the video for the Kitchener stitch this morning from KH. Since my hands will not allow me to knit {still!}, I figgered I could do a bit of end weaving at least. I grabbed the pair of dpns that held Alex's socks and went at it. The first seam looks a little wonky. I probably put my needle in the wrong spot a couple of times, but that's okay. The second sock looks fine. It's kind of hard to tell since it's on a very dark area of the camo pattern, but I think I did a pretty good job for my first time. A couple more seams and I think I'll have it down pat. I did learn one thing though... I'll want to leave a yarn tail longer than 8 inches in the future. I like a little more than 2-3 inches of leftover yarn to do my end weaving with.

One "task" down... 4 ends to go on these socks! Then it's the ends on the scarves, unless my hands let me knit, then I want to do the thumbs of the mittens.

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