Wednesday, December 28

Gettin' organized!

Well I got another big chunk of sleep last night. With the 12 hours I got last night, that makes about 26 hours in the last 2 days. Last night's rest was much better than the night before though. I don't recall waking up with several coughing fits like I did Monday night. I'll be *soooo* happy once this cold finally goes away.

I lucked out big time and my hands weren't all buggered up when I woke up so I could get started on things fairly quickly this afternoon. I've already finished one mitten and am nearly done the second. I've got the girls hunting through Alex and Lissa's room for all of my knitting and crocheting stuff. Once the mittens are done, then we're going to start to organize it. I need to know what is actually projects, and what is just yarn that's hanging out and socializing with the rest of my stash. That will help me focus on what I can clear up before New Year's and what I can add to my UFO project. I might even get some frogging and balling done.

I'm not sure if I'm gonna continue with Alex's short row ribbed scarf. I'm really not pleased with it, and I might just make scarves for the girls using that pattern. Using only one strand of the WW and smaller needles will make it much smaller, and more managable. I might just make him a self-fringing scarf or a mini-HP. I just don't know yet.

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