Monday, December 12

[brag] I did it! [/brag]

Well I went and did it, I created what I believe to be the world's first fancy crochet stitch marker. Why should knitters have all the fun???

Attachable Stitch Marker

Introducing the first decorative stitch marker designed for the needs of crocheters. Well at least I think it's the first one, I can't ever recall seeing any recloseable ones in the knitting mag ads. I made it smaller than the knitting marker I made the other day. That way it won't weigh as much, and won't get in the way of your hands while stitching. In any case, I think it's a good start to something new and innovative to offer at the Bistro.

The work in the picture is the start {I hope} of a evening bag I'm designing for Derek's Christmas Dinner Party on Saturday. I was having a rough time seeing the stitches since it's all black, and figgered that a stitch marker would help me at least find the beginning of the round.


Sara said...

They both look great!

Nicole said...

Thanks Sara! I'm pretty jazzed up about them. Even my DH was thoroughly impressed with the crochet one. He spotted it the moment he came into the house and immediately said, "I really like that one." My guess is that a lot of that has to do with that I used blue beads on it... that's his favourite colour!!!