Saturday, December 31

December FO's

K&C- Secret project for a friend; a good friend of mine moved at the beginning of December, and I started on a houewarming present for her. It's about half done, but the next time I see her, I'll give her what I have.
K- Secret design for Knitty; this one is probably not going to get submitted after all, but I need to fix the pattern up a bit before I decide whether to offer it here, or submit it elsewhere first.
K- Camo socks for Alex; this is the only pair I completed before Christmas. THey turned out really cute, but I haven't gotten Alex slowed down enough to take a pic yet!
C- Evening bag; this is my own design, and still needs to get beaded. It's a cute little bag for nights out when you need to carry very little, but still need a bag.
K&C- Elegant top out of RH Casual Cot'n; this one was mostly knit in the summer, but I finally finished the edging and got it all sewn together for a night out for Derek and I.
K- Three scarves for the girls; I whipped up three easy scarves for the girls. these were all made with one strand of LB Bouclé and one strand of LB Fun Fur. They turned out adorable!
K- Stocking caps for Alex and Lissa; I knit them each a stocking cap. I still need to get a pic of them and the pattern completely written for the various options.

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