Tuesday, December 27

Another FO today!

Well I finished the knitting on Lissa's hat this afternoon, crocheted the pom pom alternative thingy, and wove in the ends on it. I also wove in the ends on Alex's socks. That makes 2 FOs today, and the ends done on 3 more. YAY FOR ME!!! I've got to get pics taken of all this stuff and get it posted.

I hope my hands cooperate with me tomorrow. Then I can get the thumbs done on the girls' mitts, and then that will be two more FOs under my belt! I found another chullo pattern, this one is crocheted, but I think it's DK/sport yarn rather than WW. I really don't feel like trying to convert the pattern, so I'll use the knitted one I found and make it a touch smaller since I already know roughly how many stitches I need in WW for the girls. I hope they turn out cute. I want to make them stocking caps as well, but I think the chullos will be faster so that they can wear them when they go back to school.

I've been up since before 5 am, and it's now nearly 11... even though I had like 14 hours of sleep, I'm really tired. I'm gonna head to bed and cross my fingers that my hands work tomorrow!

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