Monday, December 12

How cool is that???

Knitting Stitch MarkerWell I've seen pictures of fancy stitch markers in knitting magazines a *LOT* lately. Well since it's all from the US, and the prices and exchange are ridiculous, I never really gave them much thought. Then I found out a lady on the forum was making them and selling them. Of course I had to check them out! Well, like a typical crafter, I said to myself, "Hey, I can make those!" Well an ungodly amount spent on beads and such later, I can now truthfully say, "I did make it myself!!!"
I must say that I think I did a not-bad job considering I haven't done any jewelry-making in about 10 years or so. Definitely longer than 6 years, in any case. It is my intent to eventually offer some for sale on my website. I'll be gearing towards two forgotten markets... the Canadians, and the crocheters... more on that when I actually get some more done!

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