Saturday, December 31

Goodbye 2005, greetings 2006... waxing philosophical

Well here it is, the last day of the year. I guess that's the traditional time to reflect back on what you've done, and contemplating what the new year will bring and what you'd like to accomplish. I try not to have any regrets, just try to do what I can, and set realistic goals. I hope that I've done that for my goals for 2006. Mainly those goals are to shed a few of my UFOs and work on the Bistro. I know that I will have no regrets at all about that.

I know from my FLYing that clearing some of my UFOs will remove a lot of weight off of my shoulders and my mind. I feel guilty about not finishing them {or not wanting to finish them}, and I know that mental weight is often more damaging to the body and soul than actual physical weight. I think that the goal of one major UFO a month is a realistic and attainable level.

I also want to pay a lot more attention to the Bistro this year. That means getting some designs done that are in progress, and a major redo of the site as well. For the next 3 months or longer, I will be on 4 day work weeks, so I'm going to "schedule" "work time" to get the Bistro web site to match what my new vision is for it. I've been talking to a friend of mine, and I think she's going to be doing my new graphics for me. That means that I need to sit down and actually figure out what all I need to revamp everything.

Both of these together will help bring me some inner peace. My life feels like it is in turmoil these days. I love my job at Wal-Mart, but I hate working there. I love my DH, my kids, and my home; but I can't stand being here. I can't change others, all I can change is myself. Knitting, crocheting, designing... these are all things that I love to do and bring me calmness and serenity. With a crazy life like mine, I need all the help I can get when it comes to relieving stress. I can hope that the added concentration on NCB will contribute to better success for the business end of things. But even if it doesn't, I will feel better to have spent my time and energy on things that I love to do; rather than wasting all my efforts on that which I can have no effect on.

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