Wednesday, December 14

A few projects closer to Christmas!

Just a fast post before I *try* to get some sleep! I just wanted to say how I'm a little bit closer to being done my Christmas projects.

Alex's Camo SockToday I finished the knitting on Alex's second sock. All I need to do now is watch the video at KH, and read the article in one of my mags on how to graft the toes. Once the grafting is done, they're done! *YAY* The pic is of the first one I finished. I posted it to KH to show how different the striping is from the ribbing that I made and frogged {twice!} for Derek's socks. Even though it doesn't have a true camouflage pattern to it, I think it looks tons better striped like this than the spiral I was getting on the bigger ones.

I have two of the LB Boucle/Fun Fur scarves done now, with the third on the needles right now. They basically only take a day to make, so it's a fast FO to have at least *something* under the tree for the kids that I made. I'll take a pic of them all once I get the tangerine one done and the ends all woven in. I bought a really neat looking set of yarn needles that I think will be perfect for this. It looks like a regular yarn need for most of it, but the eye is actually a small loop of nylon cord. It will make threading the needle a breeze, instead of the nightmare I'd have with a regular one.

I still need to decide what to do about Derek's socks. I know that I can't make him camouflage ones in time. I think I will have to make him a double-stranded version or use two yarns at once and alternate them in order to avoid the horrid spirals I was getting. I don't want to take the time it would need to play around with it, and I really don't have the mind power for it right now either. I figured it out that it will cost me nearly $25.00 {or more if I need dpns too} to make him the hockey socks from Ram Wools. It *is* worth it since I will be able to use the stripe colour yarn to make more socks in the future, and will have a pattern leaflet with WW sock patterns, plus they *are* knee-high. But, can I *really* do it in time? decisions, decisions...


Anonymous said...

As a newbie, I didn't understand your abbreviation about where you're watching the video on grafting toes. Is it an internet site?


Nicole said...

I've been using the videos at lately. I have found them much more useful than the ones at Stitchguide. Amy has done a wonderful job with them. You can get to KH from the link on my sidebar. I have a button there in the Blog Button section. You may need to scroll down a bit to find it, but it's there. Happy videoing! =o)