Wednesday, November 30

November Wind-Up

Man oh man am I beginning to REALLY hate the holiday season! Other than the week I had to take off post-fire, I haven't taken *any* time off from work, and I'm on five days. At least it will all calm down come January, 'cept for inventory week. Dunno if I'm gonna survive until then though!

I feel like I've been knitting and crocheting like crazy, but I have next to nothing in FOs. I've gotten some dishcloths done, but most of the month has been spent working on longer stuff. I have a hat for Alex in progress, surprise Christmas socks going {I hope Derek doesn't decide to read my blog!}, and a thread book cover design. I did up a sleeve {took 4 tries! *lol*} for my Skacel yarn ad sweater, but that project won't be full-time until after the holidays. I've spent the last week working on an USSP {Ultra Secret Special Project}, but I think the recipient of that may read my blog occasionally, so I can't post about that until after she gets it. Same thing goes for a RAK for my best friend. Hopefully that will be in the mail early next week, so I can post that after she gets it.

I have some pics of stuff on my camera waiting to be uploaded, but until the kids find the safe place they put my camera cord in, I'm stuck with no images! I will be posting pics of Derek's sock that I frogged today... I didn't like the way the striping was going on it, but loved the new ribbing trick I learned. I have also added to my review blog finally, and will try *really* hard to get that up-to-date ASAP.

Off to finish up using the frogged yarn on Alex's sock...

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