Friday, March 31

March FOs

K- Hockey Socks for Derek; these were done in Briggs & Little Tuffy, from their Heavy Socks pattern. I changed it a little to have the contrast heel and toe to match the stripes on the calf. They were supposed to be a Christmas present for him, but I knew they wouldn't get done in time, and I didn't quite make it to get them finished before the KO.
K- Ribbed Pullover for Alex; this was knitted in RH Kids from a slightly modified pattern out of the January Creative Knitting. I will *never* use this yarn again... it did nothing but split and make my life miserable. I'm glad I bit the bullet and finished it though since Alex is so proud to wear it. And besides, I finally learned how to do the mattress seam for this one!

UFO Extinction Project
Homespun Sweatercoat still being knitted.

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