Wednesday, March 1

Gotta love Winterpeg...

... emphasis on the *winter* part of it, of course! Here it is, the first flippin' day in March, and we've got a freakin' blizzard out there! I still ventured out to my SnB, but next time the weather is like this, I'm INSISTING that Derek drive me. My little car was *not* happy on those sloppy, slippery roads. It was fun there, as usual. I'm beginning to really look forward to these meets... to the point that I'm thinking of booking off the first Wednesday of every month from work so that I can go. I got lots of "oohs" and "ahs" over the Booger. One of the ladies there had asked me as I was getting my tea if I had brought it with me. I simply replied, "of course I did... you ladies would have tossed me out on my ear if I hadn't!" When I brought it out of my bag, everyone was complimenting me on how cute it turned out. Those that were at last Tuesday's meet were properly shocked at how small it had turned out compared to the behemoth I showed off there. I would have finished off Derek's second sock there, but I didn't trust myself to do the toe decreases right while chatting away, so I put that away and pulled out Alex's pullover -- which I promptly goofed up the ribbing on and had to rip back about half a round! I didn't bring my Skacel sweater to seam like I had originally planned since it wouldn't fit into the little breifcase tote I had. With all the snow and slush out there, I didn't want to use my Payless Show bag.

Well I'm off to decrease and graft a sock... if I can get the ends done tonight too, Derek will have new socks to wear at work tomorrow!!!

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Honey Bee said...

That's true. Winter does suck.

I finally moved my blog here.