Tuesday, March 14

Fins and fur...

Well I wanted to post pictures of Derek's new aquarium setup, and Jackie's new hamster, but Blogger is PMS'ing again. We've had Derek's new tank set up for nearly a month now, and he's having a blast with it. Jackie's hamster came home on Thursday of last week, and she's thrilled to the gills about it! I'll try again later on to add the pics.

I've been busy knitting like crazy here. Alex's pullover is nearly complete. I have a few more inches of sleeve to do, and then I get to set in the sleeves and pick up the neck. I've been working on my socks too... the sock I'm currently knitting is nearly finished the foot, and then I get to start the toe decreases. I also need to frog and redo the toe on the first sock -- it's much too pointy, and I know how to Kitchener the toe now too. I picked up some odd yarn at WM on Friday. When I swatched it, it didn't work out to the tension I needed to make the sweater I was hoping -- a freebie from Ram's. It took a bit of hunting online and in my pattern stash here, but I found one that I think will work out not too bad.

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