Monday, March 6

It's not the weekend yet!

Well, I've gone and done it... the second time in less than a month that I've broken my rule about not accepting extra shifts. The last time I did it, I actually survived, and didn't curse myself! For some reason, everything seems to go to total crap when I go in for extra hours. My manager asked me Saturday night if I could come in Monday night. She knows that Mondays aren't good for me... try *HORRIBLE!!!*... but could I come in to help out getting the store ready for the HO {home office} visit? I cringed as I thought about how I was going to get enough rest to function, and agreed to do it. Hey, that's about enough for half a month's Shaw bill, and that paycheque will be in around the same time all the bills come. My manager has actually been something akin to humanesque lately, so it might not be *all* bad after all.

The weekend -- Socks and fish.

I still haven't taken a pic of Derek wearing his socks yet. He's tickled pink with them, but this weekend {for everyone else!} was a total write-off for me. Alex and Lissa were "playing" with Dory while I was napping on Friday -- they were supposed to be napping too -- and everything seemed to go downhill from there! Good news though. Dory seems to be recovering quite well from his near-death experience. He's one tough fish!

Fishy... why are you sleeping???

Which brings me to a sad bit of news that happened over the KO, and I never got around to posting it... Derek's betta, Nus, is sadly no longer with us. He'd been acting kinda strange for a little while, and Derek found him floating one day when he came home from work. I could tell that Derek was upset, but I didn't push him to get another fish right away. This ends {continues?} in a good way though. It took about a week or so before he decided that he wanted another one. We went to Fish Gallery, and Derek was fascinated with all the various fish there. I could tell then that he didn't want another betta, but something more active. Unfortunately, they didn't have any clown loaches, but he found a handful of barbs {albino tiger, green cory, and tiger} that really caught his eye. That purchase ended up snowballing {this seems to be a trend when it comes to Derek!!!}, and we went off to Petcetera and got him a proper aquarium setup so that his tank would have a filtration system as well. Several neons followed us home that day. A week later, Derek decided that Charlie {the green cory} was getting bothered too much by Cheeto {the albino tiger}, and off we went to Fish Gallery again to find some other tankmates to join in the fun. Four more fish came home from there {can't recall the species}, and we got 6 more neons from Petcetera. Derek couldn't be happier with the setup now. He has a blast watching the fish chase and nip at each other. With all of his comments about how he doesn't like boring fish, I can tell that even though he misses Nus, that he's so much happier now with what he has.

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