Tuesday, March 14

Finny and Furry Pics...

Derek's AquariumHere you can see one of the shots of Derek's aquarium. The sunlight from the living room window makes it difficult to take a good quality picture. On the right you can see his diver floating. It's attached to a neat treasure chest that blows bubbles. The orangey fish in the centre of the tank is "Cheeto", he's an albino barb. Just to the upper left of Cheeto is Charlie, but you can see him a bit better in the next shot. In the lower right corner of the picture, you can make out a few of his neon tetras, collectively known as "Blue Lightning".

Derek's AquariumHere's another shot of Derek's aquarium. If you look carefully at the centre of the tank you can see Charlie, the green cory, just above one of the plants. Just in front of him is Gill, a tiger barb. Cheeto is also visible in this picture, as are the neons. You can see the castle on the right side of the tank, which is the other air outlet for the fish. The tiny bridge that was rescued from Nus' tank can be seen in the foreground, as well as the rock on the left hand side. His sunken ship is in between the castle and the bridge, but nearly impossible to see in this picture. All totalled he's got 19 fish in the tank. Unfortunately, we've already had our first casualty -- "thing one" has gone on to the big fish tank in the sky -- keeping Nus company, no doubt.

Ally's CageHere's a pic of Jackie's hamster cage. It's a modular cage that she's looking forward to adding on to. We've already got a bit of tunnelling and a loft for it, but Jackie needs to do some extra chores to earn them for Ally. The setup here is a bit more than what came with the cage. We bought a water bottle and a food dish, as well as some bedding. It's not typical wood shavings, and Ally thinks it makes a nice soft bed!

Ally the HamsterHere's a closer pic of Ally. This is actually the first time I have seen her in the loft area of her cage. She's usually tucked in between her wheel and the corner of her cage. Since she's a nocturnal pet, she's sleeping now, and will be up all night running in her wheel... keeping Derek awake with the constant whir! At least it's a plastic resin wheel, and not a squeaky metal one!!!

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Knittinreed said...

We have fish too - and just love them. I posted a couple of pictures on my blog (look in the archives).