Tuesday, March 7

Alexander the Fishsitter: Part II The Sequel

Well this time is not as bad as last time, but nonetheless, Alexander the Great has struck again!!! This time the victim... err, recipient, was Dory. That poor little guy is still recovering from Friday's tragedy when this happened. When I got home from work this morning I noticed that his tank looked kinda filthy. I looked inside and saw that there was quite a bit of food on the surface of the water, and decided that I will clean the tank later on this afternoon. Then I found a bunch of goopy fish food in the sink. ALEX!!! Thing is, I could have sworn that I put the food back in my room last night. I *was* in a rush to leave for work, but I took the time out to feed the boys. I can't remember for sure if I put the food and medicine away. Regardless, Alex decided that Dory was still hungry. When Derek phoned a little while ago, he confirmed that he had skimmed a bunch of food from the tank before going to work.

To err is human... to forgive, divine

I have forgiven Alex for Friday, as well as today -- as evidenced by me taking out his pullover again to get some work done on it. I've got about another inch to go before I need to divide this for the armholes. I *just* did a quick measure of my tension, and it seems to be off a bit. 1½-2 stitches for every 4 inches. The pattern calls for 18 sts over 4" in st st, and I have 19½ sts over 4" in pattern. The type of ribbing that this is seems to actually stretch it out a bit, so I may be okay. Before I actually divide it, I will give it a little test fit on Alex and decide if I'm going to lengthen it a bit. I have plenty of extra yarn so an inch on the body, about half an inch or so on the chest, and an inch to two inches on the sleeves will not be a problem. Since I'm doing a size 6, this will fit him no matter what, but I'd like for him to get as much wear out of it as possible.

Sock, sock, sock

My socks are nearly done as well. I've finished the gusset decreases and am at three inches past the heel. I can't reemmber offhand where I change to the toe, but stockinette flies by on dpns! I am going to frog part of the toe of sock #1 though. The toe is way too pointy, and I had finished it off with a three-needle bind-off because it was the neatest way I knew how until I found that great video at KH. I should have those done "this weekend", and I should be nearly done the body of Alex's sweater if I don't work on anything else over the next two days.

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