Thursday, March 9

Brainless knitting? or brainless knitter?

If you're smart, when you go to a SnB, you bring brainless knitting with you -- stuff that you don't need to think about since you are so busy chatting away and such. Well I *thought* I had brought some with me last night! I had just finished the body of Alex's sweater, and had cast on the sleeves. I did up the garter ribbing rows, and switched my needles to the larger size. I figgered it would be easy since it was only an increase every 4th row... lots of increases, so I didn't have to worry about doing too many... and I had even put a stitch marker in between the sleeves so that I'd know whether I was in the middle of a row of sleeve, or finished a row. I can't remember where I heard that trick, but I sure like it! I was happily knitting away, not getting as much knitting done as I would have hoped, but still progress nonetheless. Well about a half hour before we were due to leave, I realized that I hadn't done my increases!!! I looked over my work carefully to see if I could fudge it... since working on both at the same time would make any alteration a "design element" and not a "mistake". I was already on at least the 7th row of the pattern, so fudging wasn't really an option. I had to frog down to the first row of knitting with the larger needles. Since I'm doing both sleeves at the same time, it was the only way I could get my head around making sure I had the same number of rows on both sleeves, as well as making sure the yarn tails were in the same spot and all that other stuff. I worked on it some more last night after I got home while I was fighting with Blogger *again*, and continued on when I got up this morning. I'm sitting at about 2-3 inches right now, and am hoping to have these mostly finished today. If Blogger decides to cooperate at all, unlike the last 2 days, I hope to get my sidebar updated too.

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