Thursday, March 30

Sock addiction??? What sock addiction???

It's all Derek's fault... I SWEAR!!! He's the one that sent me across town to drop off some papers for a loan. It's not my fault that my fave LYS {Camille's} is on the way... and that I haven't been in there since November due to the Redwood Bridge reconstruction. It's also not my fault that she's selling/ closing and had great deals on sock yarn. It's also not my fault that she had some Bryspun dpns and some Skacel dpns that begged to come home with me... not my fault, not my fault at all. I'm not addicted, no way, no how.

BTW: the sock yarn is Scheeepjes Invicta {#1364, a grey/ blue tweed}, Dazzle Super Socks {#714, a teal/ white/ blue/ grey jacquard}, and a single ball of Lang JaWoll Jacquard {#0158, charcoal/ white/ grey/ fuschia/ burgundy wine}; the dpns are 9"-3 mm {2.5US} Bryspuns, and 7"-2.5 mm {1 US} Skacels.

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Meredith said...

Ooh, that's a nice little stash addition there!