Thursday, March 2

First FO of March!!

Well *nearly* FO. I'm just doing up the ends on Derek's second sock. I *had* gotten the toe all grafted and such, and was working on the ends when I decided to compare it to the first sock. I nearly died when I saw that I had worked the toe differently on that one. *DOH* So I carefully took out the end weaving, the grafting, and then frogged back to where I had finished up his first sock. I slid the stitches back onto needles and re-grafted it. I still have a few more ends to do, but those will be done shortly. I'll take a pic of Derek modelling them later, and get it up tonight or tomorrow when I get home from work.

He's been pretty patient all things considered. When I finished the Booger, I had picked up his sock again. He had commented on that, and I had simply replied, "You thought that I wasn't going to finish these ever, did you?" He said that he didn't think that, but you could tell that he was happy that I was working on them again. Now I just need to decide what I'm going to work on next.

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